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Hudson Collective nyc. Independent Designer’s Group Show for Baby & Kids.

February 8.9.10, 2020

Location05 in Hudson Yard

450 West 31st street, New York, NY 10001, 7th floor


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Hudson Collective nyc.

We are a group of independent designers for Baby & Kids. This Selected Group Show is for wholesale Only.

Next show (vol.8) - February 8.9.10, 2020, 9am-6pm (4pm Last Day)

Location05 450 West 31st street, New York, NY 10001


“Great Independent Collective designers are getting together from all over the world.”



Our Story

About 3 years ago a handful of brands were starting to feel that the more traditional trade shows were getting crowded with exhibitors and starting to get expensive. So we took this opportunity to create our own experience that was more intimate, less expensive and created an environment where the buyers could engage with the brands in a more thoughtful, less rushed way.

The Hudson Collective’s first show was in the Summer of 2016 and we started with 7 brands thought the years more and more brands have asked to join and although we love the community, we are careful to keep the show to just enough brands to still keep it intimate.

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